High Temperature and High Temperature Flow

High Temperature and High-Temperature Flow

The high temperature is molecular motion. All substances are completed up of tiny molecules which are in a situation of rapid motion. As the hotness of a matter is increased the movement increases and as the hotness decreases, the molecular movement decreases. If all high temperature is extracted (absolute 0) from a substance, the molecular movement will cease completely.

High temperature always flows from a hot substance to a cooler substance; that is from higher temperatures to lower temperatures. Quicker moving molecules impart a few of their power to slower moving molecular.

Therefore, the earlier molecules slow a small and the slower one moves a small faster. Sometimes, however, the molecules instead of moving slower or earlier modify their form. The change in form is caused by one or more of the atoms in the molecules shifting to a different location and this shift in the atomic structure of the molecule may cause it to modify from a gas to a liquid, or vice versa

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