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Temperature Measurement and Thermometer Scales Part 1

Temperature Measurement and Thermometer Scales

Temperature is calculated by the use of an instrument called a thermometer. The general thermometer measures temperature by measuring the development of a liquid such as mercury or alcohol. The common temperature consists of a glass tube of the standardized bore, a bulb at the base, and an amount of liquid. Since glass does not use up or contract as …

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What is Temperature?

What is Temperature

The temperature may be defined as the heat strength or heat level of a matter. Temperature alone does not give the quantity of heat in a substance but it is a suggestion of the degree of heat, or how hot the body is. The molecular theory of heat states the temperature is a sign of the velocity of movement of …

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High Temperature and High Temperature Flow

High temperature and high temperature flow

High Temperature and High-Temperature Flow The high temperature is molecular motion. All substances are completed up of tiny molecules which are in a situation of rapid motion. As the hotness of a matter is increased the movement increases and as the hotness decreases, the molecular movement decreases. If all high temperature is extracted (absolute 0) from a substance, the molecular …

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