Temperature Measurement and Thermometer Scales Part 1

Temperature is calculated by the use of an instrument called a thermometer. The general thermometer measures temperature by measuring the development of a liquid such as mercury or alcohol. The common temperature consists of a glass tube of the standardized bore, a bulb at the base, and an amount of liquid. Since glass does not use up or contract as much with a change of temperature as the liquid, the liquid will rise and go down in the tube, as the temperature changes. The glass tube is then calibrated or noticeable to the desired temperature scale.

The methods and scales used to calculate temperature have been randomly selected by scientists, and the following standards have been established.

The general British and American scales are the Fahrenheit scale (F) and the Fahrenheit complete scale (FA), while the metric system uses the centigrade (C) and centigrade complete scales (CA). The Fahrenheit scale is one the majority use in the refrigeration manufacturing.

A few thermometers function on the basis of the development and contraction of metals with a change in temperature.


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